Correction Policy

All the responsibility of good and bad as work on Bharatnewshub website is ours. Through this Correction Policy, we correct errors and omissions in any of our content. In case of any mistake in the published news, we apologize to the readers and immediately send that mistake to the concerned editor for correction. If you have any objection on any of our articles then you can inform us through mail. After this, the content will be corrected or removed in case of any mistake or problem in the content.

Bharatnewshub gives accurate news to its readers based on all the information available at that time. It is our endeavor that the user can get the best news as soon as possible. Errors in the news published on our website are corrected as soon as they come to our notice. Being a digital platform, we also undertake a correction and a clarification campaign on our social media handles. We also include the editor’s name letter in our column. In order to eliminate misinformation, we also run a campaign for the readers to avoid them.

If any story has been updated, we try to put notes on that news. Whenever we correct any significant mistake, we indicate it separately to inform the readers. We also request our community members to send corrections to